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Do you need advice about separation, divorce or custody issues? Are you worried about arrangements for your children if you split up? Have you been advised to resolve your problems without going to court? 

Our family solicitor can offer expert advice and assistance on

  • Child issues
  • Child abduction
  • Cohabitation
  • Dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Divorce
  • Financial settlement on divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Fixed fee divorce
  • Forced marriage
  • Injunctions
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • Separation.
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    A Divorce is the legal procedure for dissolving a marriage contract. In English Law, in order to obtain a divorce you must be able to demonstrate that your circumstances satisfy the single recognised ground for a divorce, which is called ‘irretrievable breakdown’. There are five different facts which can be cited to prove this ground, of which you will need to prove one:

    1. unreasonable behaviour
    2. adultery
    3. desertion
    4. two years’ separation (with consent)
    5. five years’ separation.

    Contemplating a divorce or separation is a very stressful time for all parties. We offer you an understanding and sympathetic service during this difficult time, and the confidence that your case will be handled by an experienced family solicitor.

    We will advise you of all your options at our initial meeting and represent you through the whole process on our fixed fee rates quoted below. However, if your case is more complex, then our experienced solicitor will advise you of any potential additional costs.

    We offer fixed fees for undefended divorce proceedings

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    When couples separate there can be many complex issues to resolve including arrangements for children and reaching an agreement on financial matters which is fair to both parties.

    Sometimes, couples who are married or have entered into a Civil Partnership may not wish to apply for a dissolution, but need to sort out other issues. In those instances, they can resolve these matters and enter into a Separation Agreement which can then be converted into a formal order at the time of the dissolution.

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    When parents separate, it is always important to agree the arrangements for the children: for example which parent will undertake day-to-day care and what time the children will spend with the other parent. Unfortunately it is not always easy or possible for parents to agree, especially if the separation is not a mutual decision or where the break-up has been particularly difficult or acrimonious.

    Either party can make an application to court to adjudicate on the matters in dispute. However, court proceedings are not always desirable as they heighten the distress and anxiety that the parents and children feel and can be very costly.

    There are usually ways to settle matters outside the court that could be preferable to all parties. These include negotiating through solicitors, collaborative law and family mediation.

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    When couples decide to separate, it can be very difficult to determine what each party should receive, or even to decide what it would be fair to ask for. Within divorce proceedings, the court has the power to make a range of financial orders.

    However it is not always necessary to embark on a costly court application; it is often possible to negotiate and to reach an amicable resolution.

    Our experienced family solicitor can assist you by discussing the options with you and helping you to reach a resolution. This can then be formalised through an order for both parties to sign, which will then be sent to the court for approval.

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